Cancellation Policy

Seller's Identity and Address

All sales contracts are with Schröttle-Gerätebau GmbH, Hauptstraße 1 - 3 b, 86679 Ellgau.
For more details on the seller, please visit the impressum page.


By clicking the button [Add to Shopping Cart], you can put the desired products into the shopping cart without obligation to buy. The shopping cart content can be viewed anytime by clicking the button [View Shopping Cart]. All products can be removed from the shopping cart at any time. If you want to buy your shopping cart's contents, click the button [Check Out]. You will then be asked to submit your personal data and options of payment and to confirm notice of customer information. The ordering process can be cancelled at any time or completed by clicking the button [Place an Order].

Conclusion of the Contract

The contractual language is German. The online-shop product presentation does not constitute a legally binding quotation but a non-binding online product listing. By submitting your personal data and clicking the button [Place an Order] at the final stage of the ordering process, you place a legally binding order of the shopping cart contents. After placing the order, you will then receive an immediate acknowledgement of receipt. Please notice that the acknowledgement of receipt does not constitute the closing of a contract. Closing of a contract takes place with Schröttle-Gerätebau GmbH delivery of goods/provision of services.

Storage of Contract Wording

The wording of the contract will be stored. The general terms and conditions are at your disposal on this site at any time and can be saved on your computer. The applicable ordering data and information of the right of cancellation will be sent to you via e-mail.

Prices and Shipping Costs

All prices quoted are understood as exclusive of applicable VAT. Shipping costs depend on the dispatch type and are communicated clearly to you before placing a legally binding order. Shipping costs for deliveries outside Germany are calculated on a later date. Please contact us for more information on our export terms and conditions. Product payment options are cash in advance, cash on delivery or direct debit. Schröttle-Gerätebau GmbH reserve the right to exclude certain methods of payment in individual cases. In case of cash on delivery, payment takes place on product delivery. An additional C.O.D. charge of 2.00 Euros applies and will be charged by the parcel service. In case of direct debit the submitted account will be charged approximately 10 days from date of invoice. In all cases, Schröttle- Gerätebau GmbH reserve the right to decide on the methods of payment, specifically in special cases and very large orders. Payments via cash posting or check are not possible. We are not liable for any loss. If you should get into arrears with your payment, we reserve the right to charge you with overdue fines; alternatively, regulations of § 288 BGB (German Civil Code) apply.

Deliveries outside Germany

If the billing address is outside Germany, the products can only be purchased by cash in advance.
Please consider that any bank charges occur at the expense of the account holder.


The estimated time of delivery is stated with the product specification. In case of no delivery details, please contact us.

Cancellation Policy

The contractual statement can be cancelled in written form (e.g. by letter, fax, e-mail) within two weeks without further specification of reasons or by returning the contract goods, unless you have acted as contractor (commercial or self-employed). The two week grace period shall commence with the receipt of the goods, or at the earliest on receipt of this instruction. The dispatch of the letter of revoke or the goods suffices for the protection of the respite. The cancellation must be addressed to:
Schröttle-Gerätebau GmbH
Hauptstr. 1 - 3 b
86679 Ellgau
Telefax 08273 91806
E-Mail: schroettle[at]

Cancellation Consequences

In case of an effective revoke, the benefits received on both sides must be returned. If the contracting parties can not return the received goods or benefits in full or only in a diminished quality or value, the contracting parties are liable to pay compensation for the diminished value. This does not apply to diminished value that is exclusivly caused by the examination or testing of the goods, as for example it would be possible in a retail shop. Apart from that, the customer can avoid an obligation for value compensation by not using the goods like a proprietor and refraining from any usage that would diminish the value of the goods.
Goods able to be packaged are to be returned. If the goods are too heavy or bulky to be sent as a package, it is sufficient to send a written request for pickup by
Schröttle- Gerätebau GmbH, if within the 14-day grace period. The shipping costs for the return of a delivery under the total value of 40.00 Euros are charged to the customer if the delivered goods are the ordered ones.

- End of Information of the Right of Cancellation -


Statuatory warranties shall apply. Please find out more on additional manufacturer warranties reading the General Terms and Conditions.