Screenclear Plus

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Window cleaner with antifreeze for the windscreen washer system

Frost protection down to approx. -63 °C

Improved frost protection .

Your advantage:

● Reliably and effectively prevents freezing of window and headlight washer systems.

Outstanding, improved cleaning performance.

Your advantages:

● Crystal-clear vision with winter dirt such as road salt film and oily road dirt.

Gentle on materials.

Your advantages:

● Polycarbonate glass is not attacked.

● Gentle on paint and rubber.

Suitable for fan nozzles.

Your advantage:

● Suitable for all vehicle models.

Suitable for fan nozzles

A fan-shaped spray jet is ensured depending on viscosity

up to -15 °C with a 1:1 dilution.

Easy-to-clean effect.

Your advantages:

● The even, thin wetting of the window enables easy cleaning.

● Lasting cleaning, as dirt then cannot adhere as quickly.

Pleasant citrus scent.

Colour: Blue.

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